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    TEL MARK 8

    Equipment: TEL CLEAN TRACK MARK 8
    Availability: Premium Second-Hand Equipment, Refurbishment, Modification, Relocation, Installation, Parts Sale, Parts Repair. 
    Configuration:  6"/ 8" Open Cassette Station
                      6"/ 8" SMIF Cassette Station
                      Panel: Plasma Display/ LCD Display
                      Main Controller: FC-9801F/ FC-9821B
                      Plate: CPL/ HP/ DHP/ ADH

    Chain-Top has the most professional and prestigious engineering team which has engaged in MARK 8 services over ten years and gained great reputations. We offer a wide range of services including premium second-hand equipment, refurbishment, modification, relocation, installation, parts sale, parts repair. We modify the configuration, install and set the plates according to customers' requirements, and program recipe editing service. The overhaul services include Main Arm, LHP and DHP. Besides, we sell and repair all parts in TEL MARK 8. 

    Parts - 

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    Mini Pump

    Chain-Top is a minority of companies which provides overhaul services of Intelligen Mini. Chain-Top is committed to offer professional overhaul services and sell premium-secondhand Intelligen Mini. We provide one-stop service from preliminary examination, maintenance to tests which take approx. 30 working days . Besides, the reference standards of Chain-Top's maintenance methods and test standards refer to the original factory standard. As a consequence, the circumstances of damages caused by inconsistent repair and maintenance standards can be avoided.

    Overview of Intelligen Mini - 

    ◆ Pump Assemble & Disassemble
    Parts assembly and disassembly are conducted under the environment of FAB standard, CLASS 1000. 

    ◆ Parts Clean
    Cleaning Method: RCE Clean
    Before assembly, parts are cleaned with Acetone. 

    ◆ Packing Before Delivery